Motion and Multimedia mark

These are animated logos – often known as GIFs. Such can now be registered as trademarks. Motion marks consist of a movement or a change in the position of a trademark element. Multimedia marks combine image and sound. Such can now also be registered in Austria and not only in the EU (EUIPO)

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Dr. Christopher Straberger has been admitted to the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) for many years as a European Trademark and Design Attorney


Other types:

Word mark

A word mark consists exclusively of words or letters, numbers, other typographic signs or a combination of them that can be typewritten.

Figurative mark

A figurative mark consists only of picture elements and can be colored. It contains no word components ..

Figurative mark with word elements *

A figurative mark in combination with word elements

Shape mark

A shape mark consists of a three-dimensional shape or extends to it. It may include containers, packaging, the product itself or its design.

Shape mark with word elements *

A shape mark containing word elements.

Position mark

Such a trade mark consists of the particular placement or affixing of the mark on the product.

Pattern mark

consists entirely of a series of elements that are repeated regularly.

Color mark

A color mark is a mark consisting of a single color (without outlines) or of a color combination

Sound mark

A sound mark consists exclusively of a sound or a combination of sounds.

Motion mark

A trade mark consisting of a movement or change of position of the elements of the mark – recordable by e.g. consecutive still images or a video file.

Hologram mark

Hologram marks consist of elements with holographic features.