Trademark, design and copyright

For many years, we have been specialized in trademark law. As lawyers in Wels we provide for you the following services:

  • Trademark searches – not only for Austria and the EU (EU trade marks), but also for many other countries, quickly and inexpensively
  • Registrations of trademarks and designs
  • Consultation regarding trademark strategy
  • Conducting of opposition proceedings and cancellation proceedings
  • Creation of delimitation agreements (necessary when different people want to register or use similar trademarks)
  • License agreements (Licensing of rights).

Brands can not only be registered as word marks, but also as figurative marks (for example company logos) or as sound marks (e.g. jingles logged in the mp3 format). We can also advise and consult you regarding design- and copyright law – and have been doing this for our clients in a succsessful way for many years. A registration of a is relatively inexpensive and often a cheap and very effective marketing tool. We will advise you not only in our law office in Wels or Vienna, but will also visit your company. We also offer to perform a staff training program for you (in our office in Wels or Vienna or at your company).

Note to EU trade mark:

A revision of the EU trademark law (European Union Trade Mark Directive 2015/2436) renamed the Community trade mark to European Union trademark and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market ( OHIM ) to Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property (EUIPO). In future time all trademark applications have to precisely name the goods and services used.

EU trademarks registered before 22.06.2012, in which the goods and services directory only consist of the former official listing (heading of the Nice class), have to be checked by the owner. In some cases a clarification is necessary, otherwise it may happen that the scope is limited. This applies especially to online services such as the hosting of web content and the operation of certain internet services. A certain declaration can be filed until September 24, 2016. If no declaration is made, the scope shall be considered only for the goods and services according to their literal meaning. Our law firm in Wels will assist you with the registration of the trade mark or with the statement under the transitional arrangements.

European Union Trademark – Fees:

The costs for registration generally become more expensive than before: The registration fee (if filed electronically) is (for one class) € 850, – for 2 classes € 900, – for three classes € 1,050.-, each further class additionally € 150,-. Lower costs apply for renewals – (to be paid every 10 years ) the renewal fees are lowered to the before mentioned rates .