Since the accession of Austria to the European Union, our Wels law firm has specialized in EU law.

EU law is the law of the European Communities and the law of the European Union. It is a separate legal system, independent from the legal systems of its member states, and takes precedence over national legislation. In many areas, such “EU law” is enacted, requiring member states to incorporate certain rules into their national legislation within certain time limits. In this way many rules of law are harmonized throughout Europe. However, there is also EU law, which is not incorporated into the law of the member states and thus coexists with national laws. Many companies are affected by EU directives and EU regulations. In particular, when an EU-based company wants to operate not only in its own country but also in another EU state, it is confronted with regulations of EU law. This is the case, for example, with the establishment of a sales office, a branch or the appointment of a foreign employee.

In the area of “EU law”, we as a law firm in Wels, have already conducted several – partly very extensive and complex – proceedings before the European Commission and before the European Court of Justice. For example, we have supported business enterprises in cases where the European Commission has taken action in the areas of antitrust, public procurement and state aid law (complaints to the EU Commisssion).

Dr. Christopher Straberger is editor of the nine-volume manual “EU Law, Handbook for Austrian Legal Practice”, which is updated several times a year. Through cooperation with more than 90 well-known specialists in various areas of EU law, our law firm in Wels has extensive know-how in various areas of EU law. Furthermore, we are always informed about the latest developments in EU law. We are always up to date, for example, in the EU law areas of employment law, banking law, corporate law, trade law, antitrust law, trademark law, environmental law, unfair competition, public procurement law and advertising law.

Furthermore, Dr. Straberger is a current speaker about EU law agendas at conferences of European lawyers.

Consultation of companies and law firms regarding EU (legal) issues and questions of implementation into national law – for example in the field of labor migration, business registrations with foreign directors, equality of foreign persons in regard to trade law, is the daily business of our law firm in Wels.