Company Law

The Austrian company law includes the right of partnerships and legal persons . Among them are the following companies:

  • Company with limited liability (GmbH)
  • Joint-Stock company (AG)
  • Open companionship (OG)
  • Limited partnership (KG)
  • Company civil right (GesbR)
  • Silent partnership (stG)
  • Trade and industrial cooperatives (Gen)

The companies mentioned above have very significant differences, especially in liability, tax and social security. The cost of setting up and ongoing operation are quite different. The formation of a company and the choice of legal form should always be performed with accompaniment of experienced people in this area. For this we can assist you as lawyers in Wels – possibly together with an accountant. We create all necessary contracts and take care of the administrative procedures. Of course, we create , if required, the necessary service agreements, arrangements of shareholder rights, commercial register applications, tax returns, business registrations and everything that goes with the company launch.

Even if you want to create an association, we as lawyers in Wels are the right partner for you .

We are not only specialized in the creation we are pleased to offer subsequently our services and represent you in all legal matters .

Our major activities in corporate law are:

  • Business start-ups ( ” Company formation ” ),
  • contract creation,
  • Corporate takeovers ( ” acquisitions ” and ” Businesses for Sale ” ),
  • reorganization of companies

The support of companies in the economy is one of our specialties . We advise you in setting the course of business decisions. In this context, we consider not only contracts and analyze your legal position ( contract control ), but concept with you contracts and create them for you . Even in English – and high quality. This is our daily bread.