Civil- and commercial law

Assisting companies with their business is one of our specialties. We advise you on setting the course of business decisions. In this context, we not only review contracts and analyze your legal positions (contract controlling), but also set up contracts for and with you. Both in German and in English.

We as lawyers in Wels have many years of experience in corporate law matters, such as erection and acquisition of companies, assisting start-ups, providing assistance in the field of employment law (such as service contracts, managing director contracts) to designing general terms and conditions. Another area of our business is debt collection – companies which seek to efficiently recover their claims, whether extrajudicially or through the court have trusted in us. This for decades.

Our law firm in Wels will be pleased to check your terms and conditions, inform you, if adjustments (for example to a new legal situation) or other changes are necessary.

Furthermore, as a law firm in Wels we also are at your disposal for advice and preparation of cooperation agreements, in the area of import – export, such as dealer agreements, distribution contracts and agency agreements. We also assist companies in the process of implementation of corporate restructuring, such as at adjusting the sales network with termination of sales offices, and support them in the post-contractual processing of contracts.

We also develop for our clients lease agreements, purchase contracts – e.g. in procurement, or in the sales area – mostly with an international background, where we also advise on Incoterms, country risks and the country-specific possibilities of law enforcement.

Our law firm in Wels and our partner law firm in Vienna (as a special law firm in this area) also work in detail in the field of construction law.

For handling of matters abroad, we can assist you to find a suitable legal representation through our networks (German lawyer list, LNA Europe, LNA USA).

Commercial applications, as well as special trade law issues, such as the equality of employees of foreign branches or affiliates, and above all, EU-law based approvals are among the common areas of work for us, as a Wels law firm focused on international issues.

In addition to the drafting of employment contracts, we also provide the legal enforcement of contractual claims and support our clients when termination measures are necessary. But even employees who seek help with employment law issues or law enforcement are in good hands in our law firm in Wels.

Furthermore, as a law firm active in trademark law, we also set up delimitation agreements and license agreements.

We set up real estate purchase contracts, both for private individuals (home purchase, transfer agreements for farms), as well as for companies, and register and carry out such contracts, including handling of relating taxes and fees – sometimes in cooperation with tax consultants.