Insolvency Law (Insolvency administrator)

Our law firm in Wels has specialized for decades in corporate restructuring and insolvency law. We are not only constantly acting as administrator, both in corporate insolvencies and personal bankruptcies, but also support businesses and individuals that are in a financial crisis.

We advise managers in respect to their responsibility in a crisis and develop solutions to the crisis. We can answer your questions regarding liability (including equity compensation law, capital maintenance) and the necessary measures in such situations.

As lawyers in Wels, we not only advise on the prevention and management of financial crisis situations and assist with judicial insolvency proceedings, but also assist with extrajudicial restorations. Our law firm in Wels conducts negotiations with all creditors, including banks, social security- and tax authorities.

We assist companies in situations of a crisis and prepare the judicial restructuring and also during the time of insolvency proceedings. However, as lawyers in Wels, we also advise and assist private individuals on their way out of the financial crisis (out-of-court restructuring or personal bankruptcy).

Our law firm in Wels carries out the corresponding claims for you and represents your interests in court.

Furthermore, we also advise suppliers who have a claim against an insolvent company. In many cases, especially if a retention of title has been agreed on – this may be express or tacit (implied retention of title) – the assertion by a lawyer is often very useful. In many cases, it is not clear whether a retention of title was agreed in an enforceable way. Here, for example, the Austrian legal regulations differ from the German regulations. In order to determine whether a retention of title exists in individual cases, it is often necessary to check in advance whether any “applied” general terms and conditions are to be deemed to have been agreed for the respective case (for example when a tacit agreement based on general terms and conditions was applied for many years). Also if pledges are involved, the involvement of a lawyer is often very useful. As lawyers in Wels we carry out the examination in regard to the existence of extraordinary rights for you and support its enforcement.

As lawyers in Wels we advise

  • Corporations
  • One-man businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Partnerships