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– We are a law office with tradition since 1852

We are a law firm specialized in consulting and assistance in civil and commercial law both in national and in international matters.



– We always give our best

1. Reliability

You can rely on us in every way. Practical relevance, accuracy and professionalism are just a small aspect of the way we work .

Be it that you only have a short legal issue or if you need a lawyer in Wels or in Vienna for a permanent cooperation – every client has the same right for a high-quality legal support. We are your law firm in Austria!

2. Quality

Quality instead of quantity is our credo. We as lawyers in Wels  strive to support our clients as much as possible with our knowledge. We put great emphasis on friendly and professional approach – “a family business can only work for 160 years, when the clients are satisfied.”

3. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction in every respect – a goal we have been pursuing successfully for over 160 years. With us, the client is as a human being in the first place, no matter how big the case is.

A further point, which is why you should choose us as your legal representatives in Wels!

Origin of firm Dr. Straberger

– Ceremony decrees from 1852

28. October 1852


The Minister of Justice has decided to provide the second Wels advocate´s office to the Royal Imperial Crown Prosecutor Assistant, Dr. Johann Straberger of Vöcklabruck, by decree of October 16th, number 14021.

You are hereby informed that you are to take up your position within three months, and are to apply for the admission to swear the required oath at this Higher Regional Court, unless your appointment would be void , according to § 18 of the Provisional Attorneys´Regulation of August 16, 1849.

By the Royal Imperial Higher Regional Court
Linz on October 28, 1852

01. Dezember 1852


The Royal Imperial General Procurator
the Royal Imperial Crown Prosecutor Assistant,
Dr. Straberger

According to your wish you are dismissed of your duties at the prosecuting authority by the end of this month, so that you can enter the post of the advocate´s office awarded to you at the beginning of the coming year.

It gives me special delight to announce to you on this occasion of your resignation my appreciation of your continuous exorbitantly eager and beneficial fulfilment of your prosecutorial duties and your even more praiseworthy behaviour in all aspects.

By this I will commit myself to the suspension of the salary provided to you.

Linz, December 1, 1852
Grimburg mp

30. Dezember 1852


Dr. Johann Straberger has sworn the prescribed attorneys´ oath before of the full Chamber Assembly of the Royal Imperial Higher Regional Court of Linz today.

Linz on December 30, 1852
Royal Imperial Writ Officer