EU- Handbook


Dr. Christopher Straberger is the editor of the manual “EU-Recht, Handbuch für die österreichische Rechtspraxis“ (EU-Law, Handbook for the Austrian Legal Practice).

This six-volume legal work, which is updated several times every year, informs you in more than 7000 pages through 150 specialized articles from more than 90 well-known authors extensively about current developments of the law of the European Union. It is, therefore, the most extensive compendium on EU law and covers almost all main areas.

The aspects of European law are structured alphabetically, starting with “Abfallrecht“ (law of waste disposal management) and ends with “Zusammenschlüsse“ (merger control).

Further topics are especially: employment law, banking law, corporate law, trade law, cartel law, trademark law, environmental law, law on unfair competition, regulations for awarding contracts, law on advertising.
A complete listing of all topics can be found here. The manual is particularly suited for research, whether and which legal norms and judicature are applicable. Details of the manual can be found here: EU-Recht – Handbuch für die österreichische Rechtspraxis

European-Law-Developments 2013

Here you will find a summary of a speech given by Dr. Straberger on February 7, 2014 in Gibraltar before Legal Netlink Alliance (, one of the largest international associations of independent law firms. It contains the most important decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union as well as the “EU-laws” which were passed in 2013. Attention was paid to their practical orientation and usability. The summary has the following structure:




Newest Developments in 2013/14