Bancruptcy law (Liquidator)

Our law firm in Wels has specialized for decades in corporate restructuring and insolvency law. We are not only constantly acting as administrator, both in corporate insolvencies and personal bankruptcies, but also support businesses and individuals that are in a financial crisis.

We advise managers as in respect of their responsibility in the crisis and develop solutions to the crisis. So we can also provide answers to questions concerning liability ( D & O liability issues Kridastrafrecht, equity compensation , capital maintenance ) and necessary measures being in such situations.

As lawyers in Wels we advise not only in the prevention and management of financial crises and accompany recovery schemes, we also support in extrajudicial renovations. Our law firm in Wels leads negotiations with all creditors, including banks, social security and taxes. Payment plan, recovery plan – these are areas where it is useful to be assisted by a legal advisor with years of experience. We know how the wind blows and help you to make the best out of it.

We support companies in crisis and prepare the judicial rehabilitation before and advise both for a continuation, by the receiver, as well as settlement in the case of rehabilitation with insolvency. As advised lawyers in Wels we also support individuals the way out of the financial crisis (extrajudicial reorganization or personal bankruptcy).

Our law firm in Wels leads you through the respective submitted claims and represents your interests in court.

Furthermore, we also advise suppliers who have a claim against an insolvent company. In many cases, especially if a retention of title was agreed – that can be done explicitly or implicitly ( implied retention of title ) – the assertion by a lawyer is often very useful. In many cases it is not clear if a title is really enforceable. Here for example the Austrian statutory differs from the German regulations. Um festzustellen, ob im Einzelfall ein Eigentumsvorbehalt besteht, ist vorab oft eingehend zu prüfen, ob allfällig “verwendete” AGB´s (allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen) auch wirklich für den jeweiligen Fall als vereinbart gelten (z.B. stillschweigende Vereinbarung durch langjährige Berufung auf allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen). Although when pledges are in play, the engagement of an attorney is often very useful. We as lawyers in Wels support you in the search of special rights and in their implementation.


As lawyers in Wels we advise

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Freelancer
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations